Pay Per Post, PPP, IZEA Sucks

May 2, 2008

If you’re writing for pay per post, I have heard that they have some lazy asses of a worker and would randomly mark your account some drum-up charges.

If you so much as complained because they have accused you of doing something that isn’t even true, why, they’ll just cancel your account.

Honesty and pay per post evidently are not acquainted. Of course, I don’t know this personally, just heard it from the grapevine.

Now I’m off to find out exactly what happens. Writing for pay per post is biblical. Remember how that widow Ruth (a bible character) when she’s starving she goes gleaning? Gleaning is like going into the field and taking left-overs so you can eat. Well, pay per post is like that…except, the field is almost empty. It’s like picking crumbs, and then when they find that you have collected enough crumbs to actually make it into something? Why, they’ll come and steal it from under you.

Way to go pay per post! Congratulations. You’re quite biblical!


Photo Hunt: Free

February 16, 2008

There’s nothing more free-ing than winning a game of backgammon. I have to admit, I get very angry sometimes when I lose. That’s why it’s infinitely better to play online, I don’t have to hit the winner.


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February 16, 2008

It just about broke my heart. I was a little snippy in response to my baby being whiny. On my way to dropping him to his class, I demanded he stopped whining in a very angry voice.

Right before getting out of the car, he took a deep breath, and he said to himself, “I’m going to be happy now.” He wiped his eyes and went to his class.

My heart bleed. I think he’s too young to feel that way. I worry. Worry that he’ll remember this forever, and then his wife is going to walk all over him if she acts like me. Didn’t they say that children often marry their parents?

I have resolved myself to go through several books reading about anger management. I get so frustrated, I just want to take any one’s hide and strip it. I don’t admire that about myself at all.


Off With His Head

January 4, 2008

Sometimes, when my husband is so snipy, several thoughts goes into my head. Then I can’t help it. I wonder if he’s found someone else. Why else would he be suddenly snippy to my and my kids.

I especially hate it when I get so frustrated with him rough handling our kids, but I can’t really have it out with him. If I talk to him about it, he’ll flat out deny that he did anything wrong. In fact, sometimes, he’s really mean. I couldn’t really tell him that though. I think he knows.

Sometimes, I wonder if I’m in an abusive environment…because it’s abuse really all about bad things happening ‘some of the time’?

Lusting After Jason Statham’s Penis

September 24, 2007

What a dream I have. I married Jason Statham, and he pulled a muscle on his buns walking down the aisle after. He was lying down in bed, naked and I can see his penis. It’s not erect, but I can feel the lust rise in me.

I kissed him, after all, he’s my husband now. I surely would have loved to wake up with a nice full penis planted in me. I usually don’t dream prurient dreams, but that one was delicious!

I have to go and fuck my husband now. I’m still in lust even after all these hours between waking.

She’s Out

May 9, 2007

My sister went out of the mental facility yesterday. She seem subdued, and not as hyper as before.

I felt so much guilt, a useless emotion if there ever was one, about not being able to watch my nephew all the time. On the other hand, my sister will have peace of mind when I watch my nephew. However, the payback is I might have to watch my kids slowly go through the same mental meltdown my sister is going through now because I let him stay.

How much scarring can a little child cause? He’s only 7, but he likes to grab the private areas of my little boys, and peeps on my daughter who’s 9 while she’s dressing. I think these are not normal behavior at all.

So my sister is out, my nephew is staying with a very good family friend, and he seemed content. My friend’s children doesn’t take crap because they’re all older than him, so everyone wins.

I Have Enough!

April 28, 2007

I have a sister. She had a mental breakdown because of loving the wrong man. She was married to this guy 8 years ago, and divorced about 18 months because she was almost dead from psychological and mental abuse.

We took her and her child in. We spent more than 25 thousand dollars on lawyers, trips for court hearing, and custody battle. She moved to Texas, and we were told she is no longer communicating with this guy. She married someone new, for green card, I suspect, and sure enough, she got her green card. At about the same time, the first ex-husband moved to her neighborhood and they start seeing each other again.

Still having everyone believe that she is not seeing this person. She refuse to fight for child support, and all the while still seeing this guy and cheating on her husband. I guess she was made to believe that she and this first ex would get married again. When that fell through, her mind broke.

I am watching her child. I do not want to watch her too. She is too much work. I have to save myself for my children and my husband. She is NOT my responsibility and I resent having to take her in when she’s disruptive and very stressful this way.

Frankly, I do not want to watch her at all. I have enough on my plate. Is it too much to ask for her to just get on with her life and stop involving me with her drama? If she’s crazy, then she should get help. Period. If she’s not, then for God’s sake, stop all these drama she has.

I am letting her child stay at my house. He is not a nice child all the time. He fights with my kids, he lies, and he’s horribly spoiled. When he’s around, one or all my children gets hurt and cry or get into trouble. I don’t want to say that a child is evil, but he is certainly a very disruptive child.

 I get headache and my pressures up from dealing with both mother and child. I didn’t ask for this, why must I deal with it? Enough already, damnit!