Pay Per Post, PPP, IZEA Sucks

May 2, 2008

If you’re writing for pay per post, I have heard that they have some lazy asses of a worker and would randomly mark your account some drum-up charges.

If you so much as complained because they have accused you of doing something that isn’t even true, why, they’ll just cancel your account.

Honesty and pay per post evidently are not acquainted. Of course, I don’t know this personally, just heard it from the grapevine.

Now I’m off to find out exactly what happens. Writing for pay per post is biblical. Remember how that widow Ruth (a bible character)¬†when she’s starving she goes gleaning? Gleaning is like going into the field and taking left-overs so you can eat. Well, pay per post is like that…except, the field is almost empty. It’s like picking crumbs, and then when they find that you have collected enough crumbs to actually make it into something? Why, they’ll come and steal it from under you.

Way to go pay per post! Congratulations. You’re quite biblical!