Childrens Lie

I have noticed, and it bothers me a lot.. My children lie. They lie straight face.

I have tried to make my husband noticed it before, and he thought it is cute. Cute to have the children attempt to lie. Then last night, our child lied to him about finishing her homework at 5 PM. She lied again about going to bed at 9 PM. This bothered him so much, he hasn’t really paid much attention to the child all day.

I thought lies come up when children are afraid of punishment. We don’t punish our children though. True, we’ll make them finished homework if they haven’t, but somehow, I don’t think that’s grounds for lying to us.

I just don’t understand it. I used to lie as a child. But it has to do with trying to avoid spanking. If there’s no consequence, I never lie, unless I didn’t want my mother to spank me for wanting to go to a birthday party.

I had heard from my mother-in-law that my husband as a child is very moral and will not lie. I am skeptical. But then again, I’m just a skeptical sort.


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