I am So Tired of Being Angry

I don’t know what’s wrong with me today. I just got so mad with my dirty floor, I screamed at my kids. They’re still babies. What the fuck is wrong with me?

I don’t like to be angry. It makes me ineffective as a mother, and very disorganized as a person. When I am angry, I can’t keep up with mopping floor, cleaning toilets, washing dishes, and keeping everyone’s clothes washed and folded.

I feel horrible when sometimes, I wished I married a rich man, rich enough to hire a maid so I can just enjoy my kids without being so tired from cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.

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One Response to I am So Tired of Being Angry

  1. Dragonstar says:

    Coping with young children and all the housework, when you feel permanently tired, is very hard. You’re not alone – we’ve all been there (that is, except the ones who can afford to hire staff to do it all!)
    When this happens, try to sit down with the kids for a moment. Take a bit of time out. The cleaning will still be there, but it won’t be so hard if you can get a break.

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