At Odds

These last few days, my husband and I feel like we’re at odds. I can’t quite point it, but it’s like I can feel this subliminal message he’s broadcasting. He’s not so happy with me. I might just be reading him wrong, but there it is.

I was actually annoyed with him on Thursday because he choose to exclude himself from a group activity we both signed on. I also wanted him to have fun, but he was so critical. He had so many complaints about the class. He dragged his feet so much, we were late 20 minutes to a one-hour class.

I have a happy marriage. It’s a long one. Sometimes, I feel that we have only this happy marriage because I bit my tongue. A lot! When I am mad at him for something, it will take me days and days to say anything. Underneath it all, I am always hoping that it will just go away. Most of the time it does.

However, I have noticed lately this feeling I have. When we’re at odds like this, not because we quarrel, but just because of a feeling…I have this urge to run. I just want to be away from him for a while. Not even because I want to be with somebody else. I just don’t want to be around him.

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