Missing Husband

On Friday, my husband went to teach a Rosh Hoshana class. The class was for 90 minutes long. He left around 830 AM. By 6 PM he still wasn’t home. I call his best friend who offered nicely to go to synagogue for me to look for him.

Thirty minutes later, husband walked in the door as if nothing happened…and here I was already asking my babies to pray their father was alright. He had forgotten to tell he he’s stopping by someone else’s family to have lunch, then he had a talk with a Rabbi.

Talk with a Rabbi could last 5 hours with my husband. I can believe that he’d be detained there.

I dont’ understand. He had convinced us all that we’re not keeping sabbath anymore because of some genocide issues in the bible. Well, I am not keeping sabbath anymore or anything orthodox jewish. I just wanted to know why he would then turn around and teach a class. True he was forced to do it because there was no one who could teach these children age group other than him.

But for him to go out to lunch without even asking me if I wanted to go…these people he went to lunch with are about the only people in town I am good friends with. I have a lot of acquaintances, but not friends like these people.

I thought my husband is thoughtful, but he couldn’t have been so thoughtless as he was on Friday. When he walked in, he wasn’t even sorry I worried.

I swear, that is the last time I will worry about him if he’s not home like expected. I can handle the kids anyway on my own. It’s not like he helps me a lot with raising them other than ocassionally going against my rules for children behavior.

I am so pissed off last Friday, I haven’t really looked at him in the face since then. It would take me a while to get over it…I was so worried something had happened to him.

One Response to Missing Husband

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