She’s Out

My sister went out of the mental facility yesterday. She seem subdued, and not as hyper as before.

I felt so much guilt, a useless emotion if there ever was one, about not being able to watch my nephew all the time. On the other hand, my sister will have peace of mind when I watch my nephew. However, the payback is I might have to watch my kids slowly go through the same mental meltdown my sister is going through now because I let him stay.

How much scarring can a little child cause? He’s only 7, but he likes to grab the private areas of my little boys, and peeps on my daughter who’s 9 while she’s dressing. I think these are not normal behavior at all.

So my sister is out, my nephew is staying with a very good family friend, and he seemed content. My friend’s children doesn’t take crap because they’re all older than him, so everyone wins.

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