She Needs Help

I have a little sister. She’s closer to me, not in age, but because she knows my thoughts. She anticipates my needs, and gives a ready hand. She is only 29, and I think she’s lost her mind.

My little sister has one child. We have him with us now. I would like to keep him, but I think he’s not a good influence on my children. He’s very hyper, and sometimes, sneaky about making other kids cry. My kids get into trouble a lot when he’s around. I feel sad for him. He’s not having a very steady home invironment.

In the beginning: My sister married this guy and he was mentally abusing her. You can see it on her face. He loves to torture her with sleep-deprivation. He takes their child and have him babysitted 70 miles away. It seems like a good idea at that time to rescue her. And we did. We faught her battles too. I think we won. My sister has custody of her child.

She got married again, and this second husband likes to hold her down. He’s very strong, and often, he forgets how strong he is. They were married for four years before my sister decided to divorce him. Then she started having breakdowns.

Only, we didn’t know it was a mental breakdown.

First, she threw all of her clothes away. She went and bought some more, and then throw it all away. Three weeks ago, she couldn’t sleep, and she took a turn for the worse. I was mad at her because she’s unrealiable, and she let a few people down. Then now, the more sleep deprive she is, the more her personality changed. It was very scarry to see her like that.

Today, she wanted to die and attempted to kill herself. I had to call 9-11 and have her taken to a psychiatric facility so they could evaluate her. I am selfish enough to worry that since I was the one to dial 9-11, everyone in my family is going to blame me for doing that. She’s admitted, and we’re not allowed to visit for a while.

I am freaking out because if life is a bunch of juggler, then I am pretty much left holding the balls and everyone is expecting me to juggle it all just fine. I resent that. I am glad I am not the one having a breakdown. Is that selfish of me?

3 Responses to She Needs Help

  1. niceheart says:

    I don’t know if you can call that selfish, but that is just a natural feeling. I feel sorry for your sister and also for you to be in that position. Let’s hope that she gets the help that she badly needs.

  2. Not selfish at all. You should be glad you aren’t the one breaking down. If anything, this should show you how easy it is to get into a destructive situation. You’ve avoided that.

  3. GirlyGirl says:

    Niceheart, she is not getting any better.

    Morewords….I would be glad if it isn’t my sister. I feel also that she might not be safe around children anymore because when she flares up, she tends to throw things around. I have 3 children under 5, and that just scares me.

    I am sad enough that I don’t have the kind of money needed so she can be out of hospital and in a house with a companion.

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