Selfish Cheater

I know it’s my brother, but I really think he’s a good husband. His wife just left him, for a girl.  Her main complaint was he made himself over to a person he thinks his wife will like. Is that really a crime? Why?Her reasons do not make sense. Don’t we all change ourselves just a little bit to be that person our loved ones can admire? Is that such a lie? Fake? For her, it’s a reason for divorce.

She’s completely over-looking her cheating and dalliance with another girl. I have nothing against same-sex partners. I just have a big thing against marriage wrecker.  My ex-SIL is a cheater, and a marriage wrecker. It appears that never once did she consider how her actions might also affect her little children.

I knew she was self-centered and selfish, abusive and controlling, but I had hoped that when she gave birth to her children, she might actually have changed enough so that she would put her children first.To be a good mother, you don’t have to put your children first all the time. Just in matters of keeping their security and well-being. If Mom is going to be bouncing around in several relationships, then it can’t be that good for her children’s security and well-being.

Why this SIL of mine has such a hard time understanding that concept? It’s really not that hard to grasp. Do not cheat. If you are falling out of love and just wanted someone new to live with, then for God’s sake, leave before skulking and fucking around your husband. The steps are rather easy. It doesn’t require a law-degree to understand the concept.

 To leave boring husband and you’re not interested in kindling anything with him:

a. Tell him you’re not in love with him anymore and that you find him boring.

b. File for divorce.

See? It’s not so hard!

True, his heart is still broken, and her sisters will still feel like bitch-slapping you, but at least they won’t think you’re a sick, thieving slut who will damn your pervert soul to hell!

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