Hello, I’m Angry…How are you?

It seems like I’ve been married forever, yet my husband is still a stranger.

 Sometimes, he’s so crabby, I want to leave him. Of course, I won’t because it’s not reason for leaving, but still, you get those thoughts in your head.

 I am not such a treasure myself. I get mean when I am angry. I want to hurt someone when I am angry.  Right now, I have a lot of anger in me.

 Angry at my sister for quiting on me, again, for the 3rd time.

 Angry at my brother for marrying an abusive wife, then not reading the hints and now he’s penniless and spineless too.

 Angry at my husband for still talking to that bitch of a SIL when she’s trying to contact a monster who tried his best to steal my children.

How hard is it to grasp my very simple rules and less than 3 demands in our entire married life (over 15 years). Do not put my children in danger, and if some person endangers them, they’re on “Do not communicate list.”

 Really. How hard is that? I don’t demand all these petty things other wives seem to like to ask like new cars, vacation, and jewelry. I don’t ask for those things. I just want my children protected from sick people.

I know my husband likes to help people. I know that. Why does he have to help when it puts my own children in danger? BTW, they’re his children too. How stupid can he get? I know he’s a smart man, but boy, is he being stupid right now.

2 Responses to Hello, I’m Angry…How are you?

  1. niceheart says:

    I have the same sentiments here about husband. I’ve also been married almost 16 years. There are times I think that he’s predictable and yet there are also times that I don’t think I know him that well. Doesn’t like talking much, keeps to himself most of the time. We also have lots of different views and I sometimes think I could no longer live with him. But as you’ve said, that’s not really good enough reason to leave. So you’re not alone. Just hang in there.

  2. GirlyGirl says:

    Niceheart, have you noticed that it’s not as often as you thought when you think your husband is not the one you’d rather be with? I think it’s less than 5 percent. However, whe it happens, it becomes the whole world!

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