I Have Enough!

April 28, 2007

I have a sister. She had a mental breakdown because of loving the wrong man. She was married to this guy 8 years ago, and divorced about 18 months because she was almost dead from psychological and mental abuse.

We took her and her child in. We spent more than 25 thousand dollars on lawyers, trips for court hearing, and custody battle. She moved to Texas, and we were told she is no longer communicating with this guy. She married someone new, for green card, I suspect, and sure enough, she got her green card. At about the same time, the first ex-husband moved to her neighborhood and they start seeing each other again.

Still having everyone believe that she is not seeing this person. She refuse to fight for child support, and all the while still seeing this guy and cheating on her husband. I guess she was made to believe that she and this first ex would get married again. When that fell through, her mind broke.

I am watching her child. I do not want to watch her too. She is too much work. I have to save myself for my children and my husband. She is NOT my responsibility and I resent having to take her in when she’s disruptive and very stressful this way.

Frankly, I do not want to watch her at all. I have enough on my plate. Is it too much to ask for her to just get on with her life and stop involving me with her drama? If she’s crazy, then she should get help. Period. If she’s not, then for God’s sake, stop all these drama she has.

I am letting her child stay at my house. He is not a nice child all the time. He fights with my kids, he lies, and he’s horribly spoiled. When he’s around, one or all my children gets hurt and cry or get into trouble. I don’t want to say that a child is evil, but he is certainly a very disruptive child.

 I get headache and my pressures up from dealing with both mother and child. I didn’t ask for this, why must I deal with it? Enough already, damnit!


She Needs Help

April 22, 2007

I have a little sister. She’s closer to me, not in age, but because she knows my thoughts. She anticipates my needs, and gives a ready hand. She is only 29, and I think she’s lost her mind.

My little sister has one child. We have him with us now. I would like to keep him, but I think he’s not a good influence on my children. He’s very hyper, and sometimes, sneaky about making other kids cry. My kids get into trouble a lot when he’s around. I feel sad for him. He’s not having a very steady home invironment.

In the beginning: My sister married this guy and he was mentally abusing her. You can see it on her face. He loves to torture her with sleep-deprivation. He takes their child and have him babysitted 70 miles away. It seems like a good idea at that time to rescue her. And we did. We faught her battles too. I think we won. My sister has custody of her child.

She got married again, and this second husband likes to hold her down. He’s very strong, and often, he forgets how strong he is. They were married for four years before my sister decided to divorce him. Then she started having breakdowns.

Only, we didn’t know it was a mental breakdown.

First, she threw all of her clothes away. She went and bought some more, and then throw it all away. Three weeks ago, she couldn’t sleep, and she took a turn for the worse. I was mad at her because she’s unrealiable, and she let a few people down. Then now, the more sleep deprive she is, the more her personality changed. It was very scarry to see her like that.

Today, she wanted to die and attempted to kill herself. I had to call 9-11 and have her taken to a psychiatric facility so they could evaluate her. I am selfish enough to worry that since I was the one to dial 9-11, everyone in my family is going to blame me for doing that. She’s admitted, and we’re not allowed to visit for a while.

I am freaking out because if life is a bunch of juggler, then I am pretty much left holding the balls and everyone is expecting me to juggle it all just fine. I resent that. I am glad I am not the one having a breakdown. Is that selfish of me?

Hello, I’m Angry…How are you?

April 15, 2007

It seems like I’ve been married forever, yet my husband is still a stranger.

 Sometimes, he’s so crabby, I want to leave him. Of course, I won’t because it’s not reason for leaving, but still, you get those thoughts in your head.

 I am not such a treasure myself. I get mean when I am angry. I want to hurt someone when I am angry.  Right now, I have a lot of anger in me.

 Angry at my sister for quiting on me, again, for the 3rd time.

 Angry at my brother for marrying an abusive wife, then not reading the hints and now he’s penniless and spineless too.

 Angry at my husband for still talking to that bitch of a SIL when she’s trying to contact a monster who tried his best to steal my children.

How hard is it to grasp my very simple rules and less than 3 demands in our entire married life (over 15 years). Do not put my children in danger, and if some person endangers them, they’re on “Do not communicate list.”

 Really. How hard is that? I don’t demand all these petty things other wives seem to like to ask like new cars, vacation, and jewelry. I don’t ask for those things. I just want my children protected from sick people.

I know my husband likes to help people. I know that. Why does he have to help when it puts my own children in danger? BTW, they’re his children too. How stupid can he get? I know he’s a smart man, but boy, is he being stupid right now.

Selfish Cheater

April 15, 2007

I know it’s my brother, but I really think he’s a good husband. His wife just left him, for a girl.  Her main complaint was he made himself over to a person he thinks his wife will like. Is that really a crime? Why?Her reasons do not make sense. Don’t we all change ourselves just a little bit to be that person our loved ones can admire? Is that such a lie? Fake? For her, it’s a reason for divorce.

She’s completely over-looking her cheating and dalliance with another girl. I have nothing against same-sex partners. I just have a big thing against marriage wrecker.  My ex-SIL is a cheater, and a marriage wrecker. It appears that never once did she consider how her actions might also affect her little children.

I knew she was self-centered and selfish, abusive and controlling, but I had hoped that when she gave birth to her children, she might actually have changed enough so that she would put her children first.To be a good mother, you don’t have to put your children first all the time. Just in matters of keeping their security and well-being. If Mom is going to be bouncing around in several relationships, then it can’t be that good for her children’s security and well-being.

Why this SIL of mine has such a hard time understanding that concept? It’s really not that hard to grasp. Do not cheat. If you are falling out of love and just wanted someone new to live with, then for God’s sake, leave before skulking and fucking around your husband. The steps are rather easy. It doesn’t require a law-degree to understand the concept.

 To leave boring husband and you’re not interested in kindling anything with him:

a. Tell him you’re not in love with him anymore and that you find him boring.

b. File for divorce.

See? It’s not so hard!

True, his heart is still broken, and her sisters will still feel like bitch-slapping you, but at least they won’t think you’re a sick, thieving slut who will damn your pervert soul to hell!