Every Body Needs

Just when I think all the drama that could possibly happen in my life is through, then I get even more.

Two weeks ago, my packager just up and quit on me. I was very upset. I am a girl who likes status qou. It’s not a bad thing. It’s steady, it’s boring and it’s reliable.

What I don’t understand is why do some people crave so much excitement? It confuses me. True exciting things are fun when it’s happening, but it is unsettling. I know there are some poeple out there like me. There’s too many people on this earth no to find anyone alike.

My little sister called it quits with her marriage. Her husband like to hold her too hard. It’s not quite beating, but it’s certainly force and it’s unwanted. I was glad to see that one go. I supposed it is really hard to my little sister to be alone.

My little sister is a girl who needs to have a man in her life in one form or another. I don’t know what to think about that, she doesn’t seem to like sex that much. Isn’t men’s main function in a relationship is to get a woman off?

This personality’s complication goes a long way back. Then my little brother’s marriage is unraveling too. Can you imagine having a wife who is only happy when you’re making tons of money, and when you’re out of job, she starts asking for divorce in the third month. Not because you don’t have money, but just because you don’t a job.

One thing in common with my little sister and my brother’s wife is both of them were sexually abuse as a child.

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