Pay Per Post, PPP, IZEA Sucks

May 2, 2008

If you’re writing for pay per post, I have heard that they have some lazy asses of a worker and would randomly mark your account some drum-up charges.

If you so much as complained because they have accused you of doing something that isn’t even true, why, they’ll just cancel your account.

Honesty and pay per post evidently are not acquainted. Of course, I don’t know this personally, just heard it from the grapevine.

Now I’m off to find out exactly what happens. Writing for pay per post is biblical. Remember how that widow Ruth (a bible character) when she’s starving she goes gleaning? Gleaning is like going into the field and taking left-overs so you can eat. Well, pay per post is like that…except, the field is almost empty. It’s like picking crumbs, and then when they find that you have collected enough crumbs to actually make it into something? Why, they’ll come and steal it from under you.

Way to go pay per post! Congratulations. You’re quite biblical!

Is It Masturbation?

March 30, 2008

I am wondering if it is considered masturbation when I rub my legs together while reading a porny story? I noticed that I get turned on faster with group sex stories than anything. I honestly don’t want to deal with more than one cock, but reading about it, it’s different.

I get wet in my pussy when I do. Yeah. I find that strange. I have not strayed, nor plan to, but it sure is nice to read a good erotic stories and feel my pussy get wet.

I’m a Naughty Girl

March 14, 2008

My husband went to work last night. I was working on something in my computer when all of a sudden, I want to be horny. I don’t do online chats. I went to this site:

They have erotic stories, and pictures. I pick group sex picture. I wouldn’t want to be fucked by two men. I don’t think it’s comfortable, but reading about it…now that’s something.

I get wet, my pussy tingles, and I just want to have a penis planted in me. When I have time and I’m not feeling too lazy, I’d grab a dildo and ride it some. I didn’t have a dildo last night. I crossed my legs and ride my orgasm home. It’s satisfying!

How do you make yourself go to orgasm? Do you touch your clit? Or do you just rub your legs together? Or must you have something inside you? Do you squeeze you nipples?

I’m curious. Come on, share!


March 6, 2008

As I get older, people told me that I should get more horny. I don’t think it’s true. You know why? It’s because when I turned 32, I can live without sex. In fact, sometimes, while having sex, I get this rush of anger why I have to be on my back, splayed with a penis intruding me.

That’s a disturbing thought since before I was in my 30s, all I think about is sex and having a cock planted in my pussy. I’d get wet and bring myself on the brink of orgasm by just crossing my legs.

Now, I have to work at being turned on, by a real cock or a fake one. Am I alone in this? Should I take a female version of viagra? Because, sure as hell, I’m not getting it up often enough.

Childrens Lie

February 20, 2008

I have noticed, and it bothers me a lot.. My children lie. They lie straight face.

I have tried to make my husband noticed it before, and he thought it is cute. Cute to have the children attempt to lie. Then last night, our child lied to him about finishing her homework at 5 PM. She lied again about going to bed at 9 PM. This bothered him so much, he hasn’t really paid much attention to the child all day.

I thought lies come up when children are afraid of punishment. We don’t punish our children though. True, we’ll make them finished homework if they haven’t, but somehow, I don’t think that’s grounds for lying to us.

I just don’t understand it. I used to lie as a child. But it has to do with trying to avoid spanking. If there’s no consequence, I never lie, unless I didn’t want my mother to spank me for wanting to go to a birthday party.

I had heard from my mother-in-law that my husband as a child is very moral and will not lie. I am skeptical. But then again, I’m just a skeptical sort.


I am So Tired of Being Angry

February 17, 2008

I don’t know what’s wrong with me today. I just got so mad with my dirty floor, I screamed at my kids. They’re still babies. What the fuck is wrong with me?

I don’t like to be angry. It makes me ineffective as a mother, and very disorganized as a person. When I am angry, I can’t keep up with mopping floor, cleaning toilets, washing dishes, and keeping everyone’s clothes washed and folded.

I feel horrible when sometimes, I wished I married a rich man, rich enough to hire a maid so I can just enjoy my kids without being so tired from cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.

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Photo Hunt: Free

February 16, 2008

There’s nothing more free-ing than winning a game of backgammon. I have to admit, I get very angry sometimes when I lose. That’s why it’s infinitely better to play online, I don’t have to hit the winner.


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